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    Poker Hands

    The options for online casino games have exploded recently. New bonuses are presented each day for Canadian players.  Welcome bonuses and bonuses based on deposit methods are the most commonly used ones. Maybe you are reading this as a veteran of online casinos; maybe you are someone who loved brick and mortar casinos and are switching to online casinos, temporarily or otherwise. Maybe you are someone new to the scene and simply a bit curious about your options and how things work in general.

    Whatever your particular case may be, the information contained on this web page is for you! We’ll talk about the different types of games available in online casinos, including table games and games with live dealers.

    •  We’ll mention what makes a casino better or worse for Canadian players.
    •  We’ll include a brief history of gambling in Canada.
    •  We’ll discuss payment methods for depositing and withdrawing from online casinos.
    • We’ll explain the mechanics of online gaming, including win rates and volatility and other related subjects.

    Types of Games

    When you’re looking to play casino games online, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety you have to choose from. There are unbelievable amounts of online slots. There are also tons of variations of virtual card games and table games with a range of different rules. Some online casinos also have integrated sportsbooks. Bingo and keno are also staples at most Canadian online casinos. And finally, a lot of the above have live versions with live dealers as well.

    In short, you will find every option you are able to find in all of the best brick and mortar casinos, and then you can top that off with a whole lot of added value. Another common occurrence in online casinos is to be able to play sped-up versions of popular games. A lot of players like the convenience of faster play, combined with the option of being able to play more games in less time. Of course, if you want the option of staring at poker hands for minutes while you decide on your bet, you can do that too.

    Online Slots

    Online Free Slots

    Online slots actually make up the majority of all casino games online. The simplest ones are the classic ones that have 3 reels and 1-5 pay lines. These are nostalgia trips and emulate classic mechanical slot machines from back in the day. They are the simplest type of online slot to play that you can also use your free spins at. There are also progressive slots, which have jackpots that build and build, often across multiple players and even multiple games, until they are won.

    Video slots these days are casino games that are usually at least loosely based on the original video slots that took over brick and mortar casinos in the 1980s. These games pushed the pay lines up to the hundreds. Finally, there is a new type of slot called Megaways that was invented just a couple years ago, and it features flexible and changeable reel configurations, allowing for possible millions of paylines! To sum up, these are the most popular categories of online slots:

    • Classic design 3-reel slots
    • Progressive slots with jackpots
    • Online video slots
    • Megaways type slots

    Online Card Games

    Casino GamesThe most popular casino games online of these are of course poker and blackjack. These are both games in which a player’s skill comes heavily into play. Because of this, potentially the odds are better than in other games, but this assumes that you don’t make any mistakes! Both of these games have tons of variations, sometimes with surprising twists in the rules, so study is required.

    The learning curves for both poker and blackjack are considered to be a whole lifetime, and then some! Just like you should play free online slots first to get the feel of the game before putting real money on the line, you should do the same with card games in online casinos. Also, when you want to try a new strategy, it’s a good idea to try it with free versions of the games first, especially considering how complicated said games’ strategies can be. Here are some people’s favorite variations of card games:

    • ❥ Texas Hold ‘Em
    • ❥ Jokers Wild
    • ❥ Stud Poker
    • ❥ European Blackjack
    • ❥ Vegas Strip Blackjack

    Live Dealers

    Free BlackjackA hot new trend these days among casino games online is to use live dealers. This is considered by many to be a “best of both worlds” scenario, as you combine the convenience and higher win rates of playing online with the elegance and expertise of a real live dealer. Before live dealers, the number one thing people would miss about a brick and mortar casino is that personal touch provided by the dealers. This has now fully migrated online.

    • ❥ People used to online games sometimes think live dealers are too slow, others like the more realistic pace.
    • ❥ Authentic Gaming is famous for offering variations of the live dealer theme.

    Online Casinos and Mobile Devices

    Online RouletteSince roughly 10 years ago, smartphones and tablets started to hit the market hard. Nowadays, the majority of people experience the internet through a mobile device of some sort. These days, an online casino game provider who ignores their mobile users is a casino that stands to lose out in a big way on a major chunk of their business. Indeed, mobile use has helped to grow the industry exponentially in the recent past.

    These days, people have lots of options. And, to be frank, most people prefer the convenience of their phones over most other factors when gaming. For example, if you’re stuck for a while at an airport somewhere, do you want to take out your laptop or your phone? The phone can be used just about anywhere, so you can always take advantage of those high win rates of modern online casinos and even, nowadays, live dealers!

    •  If you could play from your own room with a computer, with a phone you can play from your own bed if you so wish!
    •  Also, sometimes mobile players get exclusive bonuses, so this is something to watch out for!

    How to Find the Best Table Casino Games Online

    Online Keno

    • ➖ Safety and security
    • ➖ Variety of games
    • ➖ Bonuses and promotions
    • ➖ Deposit and withdrawal options
    • ➖ Customer support

    The easiest way to do this is just to read our guides and reviews extensively! We love reviewing casinos and casino games, and the best part is that, for Canadians reading this, we focus on the Canadian experience more than anything else, so our reviews are super useful for those of us here up north. Of course, you are also more than welcome and able to do your own research.

    Check out our process of rating casinos here!

    Online Game Providers

    Free SlotsSome of the more famous game providers these days are Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming (the inventors of the Megaways system), iSoftBet, and Yggdrasil, among many, many others. They all have very unique trajectories and characteristics. For example, Yggdrasil is relative newcomers to the industry, but they have been making great strides since their inception in 2013, and are known worldwide now as some of the industry’s greatest innovators, always coming up with new twists for their games.


    Online Casino Games Payment Methods

    Casino No DepositOnline casinos accept credit and debit cards and e-wallets generally, such as Skrill, Instadebit and iDebit. They sometimes also often accept deposits and even withdrawals in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, although this is rarer. There are also a growing number of online casinos who accept e-transfer, which is, of course, the preferred Canadian method of doing business. However, you have a lot more choices as a Canadian and save money if you open up an account in Skrill or another e-wallet.


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    The differences between brick and mortar casino games and online casino games are subtle, but they are many and can make a big difference in how you play and bet during games. Online casinos usually give a bit better odds. Also, online games are often faster-paced simply because they can be and many people prefer it that way. Online casinos will also offer a lot more variety to the player on any particular type of game.

    The short answer is yes, but it depends on your style and tastes. Some people like the skill element in poker or blackjack. Others like to lose themselves in the virtual environment of a well-designed online slot. Still, others like the easy and relaxed experience of online bingo or keno. Others still may like to switch it up and have a new "favorite" game every time they log on to play. It all depends on you.

    The first thing to do would be to read one or more of our many reviews of the best online casinos and pick one to start with. Follow their simple instructions for signing up, which usually takes mere minutes. Then browse their available games and start playing; it really is that simple. We recommend you start out playing for free to get a feel for things before putting real money into play, for obvious reasons.

    Online table games and online casinos are safe, regulated and audited.

    All games involve some level of strategy, and it depends on the game in question quite a bit, but in general, the answer is simply no. Games like roulette and baccarat generally rely only on betting strategy, since you don't control the play action really. Blackjack is a whole different kettle of fish, though. Strategies for blackjack are numerous and can get very, very complex if that's the route you like to take with it.

    Besides the obvious things that make any online casino great, what we look for largely for Canadian casino players are things on the financial end. Specifically, does the casino work with you in CAD so you don't have to keep converting in your head? Does the casino accept e-transfer for deposits? Does it work with e-wallets easily available to Canadians (Skrill, for example)? Also, for things like games with live dealers, are the schedules good for people living in Canadian time zones?

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