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Blackjack History

History of Blackjack

The origin of Blackjack is still debated, but many researchers and historians believe the casino game originated in France during the 17th or 18th century. It was called “Vingt-et-Un,” which translates to 21, the value players aim for in the game.

Some believe that the cards used in Blackjack derive from the popular French card game, Chemin de Fer. Over the years, Blackjack gained popularity among players, and many casinos began to feature the game. Players also started creating unique strategies to beat the house.

During the time of King Louis XV, it was rumored that the game was played in the French Royal Court. However, some historians believe that it was invented by the Romans, who used wooden blocks with numbers painted on them instead of paper cards.

How To Play Blackjack

How to Play Blackjack

Playing Blackjack is relatively straightforward, especially online. You play against the dealer, not against other players at the table. The player aims to get as close to 21 without exceeding it. Here are the basic rules:

  1. The game begins with the dealer dealing two cards to each player and two to themselves.
  2. The cards’ values are determined as follows: numbered cards are worth their face value, face cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are worth ten, and aces are worth one or eleven, depending on which value helps the player hand the most.
  3. Players can hit (take another card) or stand (keep the cards they have) until they reach 21 or go over.
  4. The dealer must draw cards until they reach at least 17, after which they must stand.
  5. If a player’s total hand value exceeds 21, they bust and lose the game. If the dealer busts, the player wins.
  6. If neither the player nor the dealer busts, the hand with the higher total value wins.

In addition to hitting and standing, there are other actions a player can take, such as splitting (separating two cards of the same value into two hands), doubling down (doubling the initial bet and taking one more card) and surrendering (giving up and forfeiting half the bet).

Different Types of Blackjack

How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular casino game that can be played in many variations. The classic blackjack game is the most well-known variation and can be played with one to eight decks. In this game, the dealer and the player are dealt two cards each, known as hole cards.

Another popular variation is Progressive Blackjack, similar to classic Blackjack, but with an added chance to win an increasing jackpot. To win the jackpot, players must place an extra C$1 bet. Aside from this, the game is played in the same way as classic Blackjack.

Pontoon is another variation of Blackjack that offers a fun twist on the traditional game. In Pontoon, the actions of Hit and Stand are replaced with Twist and Stick, respectively, and all 10s are removed from the deck. Other types of Blackjack include Spanish 21, Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Blackjack Switch, among others.

Pros and Cons of Playing Blackjack

Pros Cons
Blackjack is very easy to play. Luck plays a significant role in winning.
It does not take years of expertise to win. It is not suitable for repetitive play and can get boring quickly.
The players only play against the dealer. It might be addictive.

Strategies in Blackjack

Playing Blackjack requires a mix of luck and skill, so expert players have developed various strategies to increase their chances of winning. One popular method is to always double down on a hard 11. It’s also recommended to split a pair of Aces or 8s but never 10s, Royals, or 5s.

For card values between 3 to 15, it’s advisable to Hit and to Stand when a pair of 9s or higher is held. Aces in Blackjack can count as 1 or 11; if an Ace is combined with another number, it is counted as a soft hand.

For example, an Ace and 7 would be considered a soft 18; in cases like this, it’s generally better to Hit.

Blackjack Tips

Useful Tips and Tricks

To improve your chances of winning at Blackjack, it’s important to be careful and thoughtful when making decisions. Don’t let other players’ actions influence you, and familiarize yourself with the game rules before playing.

Casinos may have specific rules for their blackjack games that you should be aware of. While you don’t need to be an expert to win, taking your time to make decisions can reduce the risk of losing.

If you’re playing Blackjack online, some tips and tricks can help you get the best experience and increase your chances of winning. Starting with classic Blackjack before moving on to other variations is recommended for beginners.

Additionally, choosing the right online casino is essential, and factors like reputation, bonus offers, and customer service should be considered.

Choose the Right Online Casino

Choosing the right online casino is crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable online blackjack experience. You should consider several factors when selecting an online casino, including its reputation, bonus offers, customer service, and more.

To get started, you can choose from a list of recommended casinos that offer online Blackjack. This will give you a head start and help you find a reliable casino that suits your needs.

Play Blackjack for Free

For beginners, playing Blackjack for free can help you develop your playing style and find a strategy that works for you. Most online casinos offer a free version of their blackjack games that you can play before playing for real money. Once you feel confident in your abilities, you can start playing for real money.


Anyone who knows the rules and is of legal age. The legal gambling age in Canada, depending on which province you fall under, ranges from 18 to 19, but it is usually 19 in many parts. Always ensure you know how to play a game before participating.

Yes, most online casinos that offer Blackjack in Canada also have mobile-compatible versions of their sites or apps, allowing players to play on their smartphones or tablets.

Yes, it is possible to win real money playing online Blackjack. However, as with any form of gambling, there is no guarantee of winning, and players should always gamble responsibly.

Yes, basic Blackjack strategies can work online as in a physical casino. However, it is essential to note that online Blackjack games use random number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of each hand, so the results are still based on chance.

Yes, playing Blackjack online is legal for Canadian players as long as the online casino is licensed and regulated by the relevant authority.

It depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Playing online can offer convenience, a wider variety of games, and better bonus offers and payouts. However, some players may prefer the atmosphere and social aspects of playing in a physical casino. Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide if playing online is worth it for them.

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