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Playing slot games online is now a hugely popular pastime in Canada. Being able to access a wide variety of different games means that Canadian players are able to have a lot of choice in what they play. Slot games have so many different features, each of which affect the way that the game works and the payouts that can be gained. For instance, slots can vary from three reels through to seven reels, and have a wide variety of paylines from 5 right up to 1024 in some cases!

Slot games also have a huge variety of themes and designs so that players can choose something that suits their mood. Games can be funny, action-based, flower-themed or even designed to follow a movie or TV show. In addition, games will have various in-game features such as free spins, wilds, multipliers and much more. All of these different aspects makes playing slots incredibly fun, but also highlights the need for demo versions to be available – essentially you can check out the games for free to see if you like them!

Online Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are some of the most popular games online. There are various different jackpot games available though, and each one has a variety of different thrills associated with it. One of the more commonly found jackpot slots are those with a fixed jackpot. These games will have a pre-specified jackpot value that will remain the same no matter how many players win it. Winning this jackpot is done by matching the requirements, laid out by the specific game, with the winnings paid directly to your casino account.

Progressive jackpots are even more popular. Unlike fixed jackpots, these top prizes will continue to grow as more players place their bets. An increment of the bet placed is taken and added to the jackpot meaning that these games can, and do, reach into the multi-millions. These games are often linked together across casinos, creating even bigger prizes. For players looking to play free progressive jackpot games though, these are never available simply because, by their very nature, they need real money bets in order to add to the jackpot prize.

Classic Slots

Classic slots have been around for decades. Originally these were the games that were found in casinos in physical form. For the most part these games offer a simple gameplay with just three reels and three rows, often with only a single payline in play – namely the central row. The aim is to match three symbols across that row in order to score a payout. Some classic slots have been updated in recent years, giving them slightly more paylines, but generally this is not the case.

Another feature that helps these classic games stand out is that they tend to offer more basic graphics. The reel design is simple, as are the symbols found on them. For instance, if you see bells, bars, sevens, cherries, plums and strawberries, the likelihood is that you are looking at a classic slot game. These games also tend to be available for players in demo mode thus giving you the chance to check out all the different options these types of games have to offer.

Video Slots

Video slots make up the greatest number of online slot games. These games tend to start with five reels, but can vary greatly in their setup. For instance, the number of paylines on a video slot can be anything from 20 right up to thousands. These games also tend to have superior graphics, when compared to classic games, a wide range of in-game bonus features and a huge variety of themes, sometimes even being branded and linked to movies or TV franchises. These games usually can be played in demo mode too.

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