The online website with the URL will hereafter be referred to as “the website”, and any individual that uses the website in any way, shape or form shall be hereafter referred to as “the user”. This particular agreement in its entirety shall be referred to as the “terms”. These terms are subject at any time to change at the sole discretion of the website without any requirement to give notice. All updates to the terms are effective the same day they are posted.

The website is defined as a real-time interactive system of information located on the internet and identified with the above mentioned unique URL address. The information is provided both by the website and by third parties and points to other data and services provided by third parties. The terms are defined as a document, public in character, that shall be binding for each user. The user hereby agrees to read the terms and comply with all of the provisions stipulations and regulations described therein.

Use of the Information Available on the Website

The website exists in order to provide information for people within Canadian territory regarding the broad topic of online casinos, and recommendations on this subject and related subjects. The website does not provide any online gambling services. The information contained on the website shall not be construed in any way, shape, or form as having the character of legal advice. The website contains many links to external websites and assumes no responsibility for the content contained therein.

Some of the material contained on the website is subject to intellectual property laws, including but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks. This material may take the form of text, images, video, music, or sound effects, among others. The website claims full exercise of its intellectual property rights regarding its proprietary material as defined by local, national and international law, and furthermore, provides for the exercise of all said rights by third-party holders of intellectual property contained on the website.

No intellectual property licenses of any sort are granted by default to the user under any circumstances whatsoever. The user may not change, re-publish, sell, transfer, or create derivative content from any of the content on the website, either in full or in part, without the express written permission of the website, or the legal representative of any third-party intellectual property holder, as the case may be. This and the above paragraph shall be considered to be in compliance with the Berne agreement.


The user implicitly and explicitly agrees to use this content at his own risk. The website does not provide for any type of guarantee, warranty, or representation regarding the consequences of using the content of the website, or any other related third-party content of any nature whatsoever. The user explicitly and implicitly warrants that he is legally permitted to use the website in his particular jurisdiction, and assumes sole responsibility for any legal actions that may arise from the use of the website.

Furthermore, this fully includes but is not limited to: fitness for any particular purpose, practical usefulness, freedom from viruses, malware, spyware, commercial ware or any other sort of potentially malicious code, quality, accuracy, the relevance of information, the suitability of the information, completeness of information, free use, freedom from intellectual property restrictions and conditions, compatibility with any sort of hardware and software and any other possible conditions or guarantees pertinent to any applicable existing laws at the local, national and international levels.

In the case of any specific disclaimer not being able to be applied due to external legal considerations, the liability of the website shall be limited to a period not exceeding thirty (30) calendar days from the date of first use of the website by the user, first use is defined for these purposes as viewing any website content. After the said period has expired, no guarantee shall be legally applicable. The user shall not enjoy any legal means whatsoever of abandoning these disclaimers.

Limitations of Liability

The user further warrants that he fully understands the responsibilities and risks that may arise from using the website. Neither the website nor any of its employees, administrators, partners, or agents shall be held responsible for any future interruptions or cessations of the operation of the website, or any claims arising from said interruptions or cessations of service, even if the website has been previously informed of the possibility of such, or whether said interruptions or cessations arise from negligence or any other reason.

These terms are executed in Canada and are considered to be subject to currently applicable Canadian laws and regulations, which shall prevail in the event of any potential conflict of jurisdiction that may arise. This applies to any legal question regarding the terms, including but not limited to the enforcement, validity, and interpretation of the terms, regardless of any principles of conflict of law or similar. The user agrees to accept the jurisdiction of all pertinent Canadian authorities without any further legal recourse.

In the case of any discrepancy or question regarding the interpretation of these terms arising between the original terms written in the English language and any other version or translation of these terms in any other language, the original English version of the terms shall prevail. In the case of any legal dispute initiated by the website against any user, the user shall be considered liable upon losing the action for any related fees, honorariums, and costs associated with said legal action.


The website claims all due rights to contract severability allowed under current and relevant legislation within the above-mentioned jurisdiction(s). Any part of these terms found to be not valid or unenforceable shall not affect any other part of these terms. Any part of these terms previously made not valid or unenforceable shall automatically pass back into having full legal weight and validity should the applicable laws thus change. No notice of any kind whatsoever is required to users for this to take effect.

Any limitation, exclusion, stipulation, provision, or regulation contained anywhere within these terms that is found to be prohibited or voided shall be considered to be ineffective without affecting in any way, shape, or form any other part or provision hereof. Any part or provision of these terms found to be unenforceable in any particular jurisdiction shall still be considered to be valid in any other jurisdiction where it may be found to be valid and enforceable.

The website and the user both agree to waive any legal provision or means of recourse which prohibits or affects in any way the validity and enforceability of these terms, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Should any economic loss occur because of the invalidity of any part or provision of these terms, the website and user hereby jointly agree to negotiate fair compensation for such loss on good terms, using the provisions hereby stipulated in the following three paragraphs of these terms.

Declarations on Exclusive Rights

The website hereby declares its intention to keep the website generally free and clear of any content which may be in violation of applicable laws and best practices, including but not limited to potentially misleading information and violations of any applicable statues regarding the subject of intellectual property. However, the user hereby warrants that he has the sole responsibility of notifying the website of any potential conflict or violation of this nature immediately upon becoming aware of such.

In the case of any possible conflict arising between any user and the website, the user shall communicate such conflict to the website by means of email, using the following address. In the case of any content of the website being in violation of the rights of any user or third party, to address the potential violation, an application shall be sent through the same channel, with sufficient evidence of whatever violation may have occurred, and a written explanation containing all information required.

The website reserves the right to reply within 24 hours in the case of discrepancies, inaccuracies in the information therein, or of any mistakes or lack of necessary information therein, informing the user of such, requesting rectification of the information contained in the complaint. In the case of the information being complete and sufficient for such purchases, the website hereby warrants that the content in violation will be duly removed within 24 hours of the last communication sent by the user.

Other General Provisions

The website absolutely reserves the right to deny any particular user the use of and/or access to the website and its content. The criteria for any potential denial of the use of the website and any of its related services shall be at the sole discretion of the website. The user agrees expressly that, in the case of such a denial, there will be no legal recourse whatsoever able to the user. The decision of the website shall be understood to be final.

Any potential oversight, mistake, error, problem or negligence on the part of the website, real or perceived by any user, with any cause and for any reason whatsoever, shall not under any circumstances be construed to be a waiver of any of the website’s legal rights as set forth in these terms or any other legal rights and privileges that may have arisen naturally. These terms are not transferable in any way, shape, or form by the user.

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