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📌 Really easy to use payment method
📌 Great customer service
📌Low & user-friendly rates

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    Easy to use Not accepted in some countries
    Has great customer support services Not available in all languages
    The rates at Muchbetter are low and customer–friendly High wire transfer minimum

    How to Withdraw And Deposit With Muchbetter

    Muchbetter LogoMuchBetter is an app-based payment method that offers instant, convenient and safe payment services to customers around the world. Using the platform is quite easy, you simply have to sign up for an account and you will be able to use different payment options. MuchBetter allows you use your balance to make safer and secure deposits and withdrawals.

    This section discusses steps you need to follow in order to deposit or withdraw. You need to be careful with these steps because a simple mistake can mess it all up. For you to make money withdrawals and deposit with Muchbetter app, there are various steps you need to take. To withdraw money, you must do the following;

    • Click on the ‘WITHDRAW’ tab.
    • Key in the amount of money that you would like to withdraw.
    • To deposit, Click on the ‘DEPOSIT’ tab.

    Is Muchbetter App Safe?

    When it comes to money, everyone gets a bit paranoid. Nobody would like to keep their money in a place whose safety is not guaranteed. Well, when it comes to the Muchbetter payments app, you do not have to worry. It is a secure place where you can deposit and withdraw your money. By using this app, chances of losing your cash through skimming or theft become slim.

    This is because they have taken some security measures to keep their customers safe from fraud. Such measures include the use of the dynamic CVV in-app generator, which helps keep the money safe from fraudsters. They also keep sensitive data in payment cards far, thus cutting down on the PSI DSS costs and scope. How much more safe can it get?

    Not only is MuchBetter safe, but also very legit! According to online reviews, most users trust this platform and have had a positive experience with it. Furthermore, it doesn’t charge unnecessary extra fees like other platforms. In fact, there is only a fee for currency conversion and if you use it at the ATM, you might as well not be charged.

    The processing time is also quite short, making it advantageous especially if you need the money urgently. With this platform, the transactions are instant, just like with most mobile payment methods. So if you are looking for a safe and reliable mobile money transfer platform, MuchBetter will surely work out for you. Download it and start transacting today!

    Some of the transactions that will attract some fees are:

    • Muchbetter funding methods fees. Some methods are free but others attract a fee of 0.50% to 8%
    • Currency exchange rates. Muchbetter charges some fees for changing money from one currency to another
    • Loading fees
    • Withdrawal fees
    • Wire transfer fees

    Though Muchbetter app is easy and safe to use, you must be careful not to do any mistakes that will cost you. There are several things that you should be aware of as a user. These things include hidden fees that you may not be aware of and availability in countries. Muchbetter is not available in all countries as they would wish to be.

    Therefore, you must check whether it is available where you want to use it. Also, you may make a transaction that may cost you more than you thought for some reason. These hidden fees include charges on currency exchange or extra charges from your bank. You must be aware of these so that you will not be disappointed when checking your account balance.

    Customer Support at Muchbetter

    Nothing is perfect. App may sometimes have some surprising issues that may make it difficult for customers in Canada or anywhere else to do their transactions. Well, to handle those issues and help their customers, they have a customer support team that is operational 24/7. Their team is always ready to handle your queries whenever you contact them.

    You can reach them from through their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter (@PayMuchBetter). You can also send an email to or drop them your query on their website. Ensure that you give them all the details regarding the issue. If possible, take some screenshots and send them to the company. They also have a eWO Loyalty Program, where you can get all the information you need.


    To have a Muchbetter account, you must sign up. This is an easy process that requires a few of your details like postal address, name etc. To sign up, you will need to visit their website and click ‘SIGN UP’, then fill in the required details. After signing up, you are free to download the app and enjoy their services. You may decide to delete your Muchbetter account later. If you do, kindly write them an email informing them of your wish to delete your account. You can also withdraw the money from the account and leave it inactive. MuchBetter may close it after two months of inactivity. Ensure that you do not have any money in the account as it shall expire six years after account termination.

    FOB is a security feature on Muchbetter whose purpose is to protect their customers. Also, their app provides you with the option of freezing your FOB or card in case you misplace it or it is stolen. Such cases require your prompt action. You are free to do your contactless transactions using your FOB. These transactions are limited to a total of 5 payments. Once you have passed your limit, simply log in to your Muchbetter account via your mobile phone and unfreeze your FOB. This will open up five extra transactions that will help keep your account safe for longer. Embrace the Muchbetter FOB option and enjoy the best protection in Muchbetter app. You will not regret it.

    There are many places where you can use the Muchbetter card, especially if you are in the European Economic Area (EEA). Your Muchbetter card can come in most countries in the world except when doing transactions on gaming sites or when in countries that do not accept the App such as Iran and Somalia. For these sites, use the Muchbetter wallet. There, you will select Muchbetter from ‘Cashier’, give your contact details as required, then finish by approving the transaction on your phone. For those in Canada, you can use the Muchbetter card wherever the MasterCard is accepted. This includes online gaming sites. You will make these payments by selecting ‘MasterCard’ from your merchant checkout options. So, be free; use your Muchbetter card whenever and wherever you want.

    When using eTransfer, your account will be credited within 3 to 5 hours. It might take longer especially if you haven't provided the reference or if it is a wrong one. In such cases, it could take up to 12 hours. To ensure that the transaction has been processed and credited on time, make sure that all deposits are included in your MuchBetter app. You can do so through entering the exact and unique reference you were provided with. By doing so, you will confirm whether the account was promptly credited. On many occasions, people have complained of unclear means of confirming whether or not their accounts have been credited. If you are having trouble doing it, get in touch with MuchBetter customer care.

    When a transaction fails, chances are that the funds have been released by the issuing bank back to the card. In most cases, banks release funds within 10 business days. It therefore, depends with your bank because durations vary. If the funds aren't available after that period, it is recommended that you speak to your bank manager since the customer service representative might not be familiar with such policies. If the bank tells you that the funds were charged, ask them to provide you with the Acquirer Reference Number for the transaction they say was successful. ARN is a unique number that identifies all card transactions. Once you have it, verify with MuchBetter and try to track the transaction down.

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